Our program will help you gain experience. It provides the ability to learn how to use a digital camera without having to go purchase one.


You can take one of our cameras anywhere you go and shoot anything you find interesting to help unlock your style and natural skill.


As you build a catalog of photos, you will be able to see the areas you excel and areas that need improvement. 

100 cameras
100 camera nikon

Join Our photography Circle

We love talking about photography – Whether you want some honest feedback on your work,  learn more about a particular style of photography or have a question about cameras – we want to be the mentor for you. 

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Shout out to Mike from @retro_photo_york  for the generous donation of 100 Nikon Cool Cams. 

Give him a follow on IG and visit him at Camera Center of York, if you are looking to buy or sell a camera.

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