4 practical rain photography tips

When storm clouds roll in, don't curl up inside and enjoy a hot cup of tea— Go out and complete your assignment.

1.Protect your gear

Most DSLRs are weatherproof these days and can handle a light mist or a few drops of water. However, if you’re out and about in a torrential downpour, make sure to protect your camera.

2. Watch a scene transform

Sometimes you don’t need to capture the rain itself, but the clues that indicate that it’s raining. A good way to shoot a scene in the rain is to capture the umbrellas, the rain jackets, the puddles, and the reflections of raindrops on the ground.

3. Find beauty in bad weather

Don’t be afraid to capture a portrait in the rain. The cold, wet atmosphere can make for a beautifully moody image with some very soft lighting.

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