Ole's interest in photography developed his junior year of high school. After graduating, he landed a job with a national school portrait company and worked for a portrait studio at Park City Mall and Kmart as a photo lab technician to improve his artistic expression on his free time. He launched his photographic career in 2008. His curiosity and exploration of different photography processes has led to being highlighted in The New York Times. He rationalizes his hard work and commitment to photography as an investment into what he loves doing the most.

Photographic Specialties:

  • Commercial

  • Portraiture

  • Special Events

  • Stock Photography

  • Weddings

Business Specialties:

  • Consultant

  • Educator

  • Mentor

Awards & Nominations:

  • EXPANDED VISIONS 2016 Lancaster County - Second Place

  • Readers’ Choice Awards  Favorite Photographer 2017

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